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Pass Your Driving Test


Pupil Testimonials

George Ogden
I have recently learnt to drive with Angie. I chose Angie as my sister learnt with her and recommended her to me. I thought she was an excellent instructor who made learning simple and enjoyable. I would strongly recommend Angie as a driving instructor to anyone. I passed first time.

Thank you!

After starting off doing manual, we came to the conclusion that automatic was the best option for me and I am SO GLAD that I made that decision. I managed to pass my test last week 1st time after about 5/6 months of lessons with Angie. I honestly cannot thank her enough, she put so much time and effort in to get me to test standard. Considering I have dyslexia and possibly dyspraxia, she taught me in a way that I could remember things and also sang some songs to help me pass my maneuvers! I would highly recommend Angie as she's got so much patience and she's so easy to get along with. When I was having a bad day she would always be there for someone to talk to...LIKE A COUNSELOR! so I cannot thank her enough for the support. Angie is definitely the best instructor in hull with an extremely amazing pass rate! I honestly cannot thank you enough for everything you've done the past few months. I never thought that i'd pass my test, especially not first time!!! THANK YOU!

Jonathan Drake
I passed last week, it was a hard journey but we got here in the end. The great thing about Angie is that she adapts to you in anyway that you need, such as what type of person you are, what areas need focus, what you are doing right and she will honestly work with you to get the lessons in. I'm scared of driving, only did it for my son so I started lessons with a different instructor. The previous instructor before Angie is flat out dangerous, pushing you to the max in my 3rd lesson, I honestly wanted to vomit before each lesson and thanked God I was still alive at the end of it "what are you doing? you can't pass like that!". Angie had a time available and I got in, so so so worth it. Apart from being calm, lovely character and skilled she ADAPTS which is the most important thing. Many thanks Angie, we did it!

Rebecca Stout
I cannot thank Angie enough for her patience and kindness throughout my lessons. After a bad experience with a precious instructor I was anxious to get back into driving. I did a lot of research and eventually found Angie online. Angie has lots of experience with a range of clients, particularly those (like myself) who are nervous behind the wheel.

Her calm and patient personality made me feel at ease instantly. She takes time to ensure you feel safe and comfortable, and clarifies everything to make you feel confident in your ability to drive. She goes at a pace which suits the client, slow and steady for those who need time to develop confidence, but does not hold you back if you are ready to take the next step.

Angie thoroughly helped me throughout my theory and practical driving tests, and I passed both first time due to her continuous support.

Sally Stanley-Gonsalves
I passed my test 1st time 30thMarch 2016 after 9mths of lessons with Angie who is a great lady (aka bit of a chav) joking hunni! She made me feel so comfortable and she's so easy going we had many laughs as well as moments were I was stressed but she got me through it all even when I felt I wanted to give up she totally got me by every hurdle I hit i won’t say she was an instructor but a friend and a good one at that, someone to talk to while on lessons about day to day things I made a great friend who I will stay in contact with for a long time you do a great job Ang and I cannot thank u enough I’m gonna miss my drives out with you. I would recommend Angie as a driving instructor to anyone that wants to learn to drive because she just awesome she’s excellent at her job and make u feel at ease I have never enjoyed something so much then I did my lessons with u hun ur 1 in a million and I really cannot thank you enough for everything u took ur time with me and made the world my oyster. I can now drive around knowing except for my self I have you to thank for this xxxx

Emma Bailey
I am an older (just about to hit 40!) learner driver and instead of being wiser, I was far more aware of the danger of being in a car - and consequently much more nervous. I was really paincky in all of my lessons and Angie was great at calming me down and never once lost her temper when I was being a baby! Her tips and tricks were really helpful, particularly with maneuvers and I found these really useful. Simple things like 'slice of pizza' and 'timewarp' really got it into my head and made things much easier. She was also really flexible and our lessons were completely two way. She never pushed me harder than I wanted, and if I wasn't in the mood for something that day, we just did something else instead. I passed first time after less than 4 months of lessons and I couldn't have done it without Angie. She was brilliant and comes highly recommended!

Natalie Ledger
I was very nervous and anxious about driving and felt like there was no way I could ever do it after previous attempts with other instructors hadn't worked out and had left me feeling like I'd never understand what to do. But, with Angie's patience and ability to change her way of teaching how to drive to a way that I understood, I managed to overcome my nerves and build my confidence and passed my driving test on the 1st attempt. I couldn't have done it without her and I will definitely be recommending Angie to everyone! Thank you!"

Jade Stephenson
I started my driving in June 2015 with Angie I was so nervous but Angie made me feel so calm and relaxed. She is a really good teacher, helps you with what you have done wrong and will keep doing it in until it's right. I would recommend Angie to anyone whoever wants to learn to drive. It only took me 10 months to pass and I did it first time. I wouldn't have picked anyone else to teach me, such a lovely woman to drive with.

Hilary Johnson
Angie is an amazing instructor with the patience of a saint! I was a total bag of nerves, due to a medical condition, but Angie put me at my ease right from day one. She is very helpful and encouraging, e-mailing diagrams and providing drawings, and we laughed our way through the majority of our lessons. Angie is an excellent instructor who is so easy to get on with. She built my confidence up that I passed today, and helped me gain a new sense of freedom that my driving gives me.

Thanks so much Angie! I will always remember your helpful phrases and encouragement.

Simon Westoby
In the words of Yoda “Angie, A great instructor she was” (I’m a Star Wars Fan, lol) I passed my test 4 days ago, she helped me get over my nerves and was very friendly and calm. We would have a laugh in lessons. Also had some really good tactics and sayings to help me with things I struggled with and found ways around my disability. I would highly recommend Angie to anyone she is a top class instructor and once you passed she will help you when you get your first Car too! Thanks you for everything Angie."

Thanks you again Angie will miss having lessons with you.

Robyn Walker
After having 2 previous instructors I really felt like giving up driving for good until I found Angie. Angie is such an amazing, patient and understanding instructor. Who explains everything and gave me the confidence to pass my test first time with only 1 minor. I really would recommend her to anyone!

Elaine Mawer
Many thanks Angie for your patience and expert tuition. You gave me the confidence to finally overcome my nerves and get out and drive! Would highly recommend you to anyone looking for first class instruction.

Abbie Hicks
I would highly recommend Angie, she was an amazing instructor who made you feel comfortable throughout every lesson I had. She goes at your own pace and will move you along as you feel ready and make sure you are comfortable which is the main thing when learning to drive as it is nerve racking. Even after being in a car crash she took me at my own pace and made me feel fully confident on the road again after always feeling nervous. I couldn't recommend a better instructor to anybody! Had such a laugh in my lessons with her, highly recommended!

Sophie Taylor
"Angie is a fantastic driving instructor. She is friendly and easy going and actually made learning to drive fun, which I never thought was possible! Her teaching methods are excellent with easy to follow instructions and easy to learn techniques.
I passed my test first time after just a few months and I cannot thank Angie enough, I'm really going to miss my weekly lessons with her.
I have recommended Angie to everyone I know who doesn't drive yet."
Hope everything is going well with your new dog, take care.

Zoe Stephenson
I was learning to drive since I was 19. I was with a driving instructor I didn't think was getting me very far and just getting more and more money out of me. I was getting fed up I then decided to go with Angie as my mum had passed with her first time. Angie is the one that got me through my driving test and helped me as I failed twice with the other person and first time with Angie with only one minor. I would recommend her to anyone as she is a good instructor and is calm and makes you feel at ease when learning and doesn't make you feel stressed or worried. I was only with her for 7months. My sister is going to start doing lessons with her and get her on the way to passing as well thank you so much Angie xxx

I had driving lessons with Angie and passed my theory and driving test first time. She is a friendly and very professional lady and I would recommend her to anyone. when I contacted her about starting my lessons she didn't even cover my area but she didn't refuse me we came to an agreement and she booked me in for my first lesson. she also worked with my husband who was giving me extra tuition. I looked forwards to my driving lessons they were never boring and we did many routes that none of us had done before. It took me 5 months to pass my test, I never thought I could pass but thanks to Angie and all her hard work I did it and my life has totally changed. Thanks Angie.

Huda Gjam
I was so happy to started learning to drive with Angie in April this year. I was a completely nerves and she put me at road straight away. She was very patient with my mad attitude and always made sure I am driving in full confident. I passed my test first time (20/11/2013) I was so glad and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor I have recommended her to every one like to drive save in Life. Thank you so much Angie. 

Lucy Hillaby
I started learning to drive with Angie in March this year (2013). I was a complete bag of nerves and she put me at ease straight away, the nerves went after the first lesson! She was very patient with me and always made sure I was perfect at everything before we moved on to learn something else, meaning some lessons were repeated various times. I passed my test today (20/11/2013) and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor :-) I've recommended her to a friend already! Thank you so much :-). - 

Thank you Angie for working with me until I passed. You are such a patient instructor. I recommended a friend of mine to you and she passed as well. Definitely will keep on recommending you.

Leanne Thorne
Thank you Angie for helping me pass my test. An exceptional lady. I had previously failed a few times with other driving schools and I didn't have long till my theory expired, met Angie and 6 or so lessons breezed through. Nerves didn't get the better of me. Strongly advise people to get booked in and get driving. X.

Alex Cross
I would like to big thank you to Angie for being the best driving instructor. Would tell everyone to go with her as she is a great instructor and helpful. Words can not say how happy I am that I asked Angie to teach me to drive. A++++++++++++ FOR ANGIE.

Just passed my practical driving test 2 days ago with Angie. Angie has been amazing, she gave me hope when I had lost hope. I came to Angie after my previous instructor failed to get me ready for a test that I had to cancel my test dates 3 times after having been told that I was below average. Thanks to Angie's determination, patience, motivation, dedication and hard work. Angie identified the potential in me and nurtured it that I passed my test 2nd time and I am really pleased. Job well done Angie. I recommend Angie to anyone. – 

I just would like to say a big thank you for an amazing instructor Angie that helped me gain my confident back to drive after a bad experience with bad instructors and helped me to pass my test second time even thou was very close the first time I will miss you a lots, I 100% recommend her.

Janet Russell
If anybody told me they wanted to take driving lessons I would instantly recommend Angie. An excellent instuctor with good teaching techniques and bags of patience. I passed my test first time on the 21st June, thanks to Angie.

Danielle Hicks
I passed my driving test first time today with Angie, she is an amazing instructer, easy to get along with and has helped me so much! I had a previous instructer who was terrible but as soon as I started driving with Angie I was able to drive confidently and correctly. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone and everyone in the area. She is amazing! Massive thank you Angie! :-).

Amy Gallacher
Before learning with Angie I'd had tried to learn to drive several times in the past. I was disheartened by my progress with previous instructors and did not enjoy driving. Angie was an extremely good teacher. I found her to be positive and very encouraging. She was flexible fitting in lessons around my busy work shifts. 

Most of all within a few months of lessons I passed my test 1st time! I strongly recommend people in the Hull area to contact her for lessons.

Hannah North
Angie was a fab instructor. Made me really feel at ease as I was very nervous! Loved the little phrases she said to help learn.. If in doubt chicken out!! :) Would deffo recommend! Thanks Angie

Mrs Laura Flowers
I was a nervous passenger with a fear of driving. In August 2012 I decided to go for it! My instructor Angie was brilliant she built my confidence and helped me through my issues and after 7 short months I'm pleased to say I passed without any minors. I highly recommend Angie. Thank you.

Tracie Stephenson
Passed my test on the 8/11/12 first time, and it's all down to Angie. She's. Patient, knowlagable, friendly, and so easy to get on with, I'm actually going to miss my lessons with her, we had some laughs and tears along the way, did my first solo drive today and it felt great.

Mrs Vicky Arnold
Huge thank you to Angela Theodorou for her excellent tuition and support seeing me through a first time pass. A wonderful lady instructor to which I shall be highly recommending to my friends and family.

Sanaa Albawi
Massive thanks to Angie in hull!  She is friendly, kind and always willing to help. I passed my first exam after lesson with her! She was great. I will definitely recommend thus to anyone wanting to take this driving course.

Thank you!

I had lessons with Angie from Hull, who was great! I passed on my first exam and she was very lovely and calm. She was a very good and friendly teacher. Thank you so much!

Paul Blowman
Massive Thnaks to Angie! Really Helped Boost my confidence After abit of a rough start with previouse unpatient instructors! Very Calm and made driving fun and interesting lots of pictures to help explain road dicapline.

Also gives you the most out of lessons and not greedy like some others that.

Darren Davis
Been taking driving lessons from Angie in Hull, could not have asked for a better instructor, calm, personable and very patient, Angie is a 5 star instructor and you will not go wrong choosing her as your instructor, just passed today and it was all down to Angie's instruction. 

I took driving lessons with Angie from Hull, she was a outstanding tutor. Angie has a friendly but professional approach to teaching how to drive. She explained areas for improvement when it was needed and always adapted her teaching around the speed at which I was learning. Always happy to book lessons at a time most suitable and even after a lesson time was over some useful advice and valuable theory was always explained. I have now passed my driving test and would like to take this opportunity to say that I would recommend Angie to anyone who wishes to learn how to drive and pass their driving test, Thank You Angie. – 

Manhal Zarroug
I was instructed by Angie in Hull and she was brilliant. Having driven overseas (Egypt) I had a lot of bad habits ingrained that were tough to get rid of. Angie was always calm, supportive and friendly while providing instructional feedback and advice. I felt fully supported during the lessons and she inspired confidence and gave detailed explanations as to why something had to be done and the danger of not doing it. Not only was she able to navigate around my busy schedule, she was able to structure the lessons around my specific learning needs. I would recommend these driving lessons for beginners and seasoned drivers alike. Great support throughout and great value for money! – 

Kelly Davison
Angie - Best intrustor, passed first time, A* isn't enough.